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Using an Influencer Marketing Strategy? 3 Tips on How to Measure Your ROI

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my clients, a real estate agent, about how she measures her ROI, using an influencer marketing strategy.

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Are You Running a Start-Up? 3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Mentorship

Is your start-up idea the next big thing or the new game-changer in the market? We are living in a “wow” era where every day there’s a new product or


Insurance and Pandemics, What you need to know.

How do insurance companies handle pandemics such as COVID -19 and how is itclassified? Rahab Kamau, Manager of Underwriting and Claims at Enwealth


Uber Eats to feed vulnerable families in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 2- Uber Eats has partnered with Team Pankaj to help feed vulnerable Kenyan families with young children, impacted most heavily by the


Kotex Honours Covid-19 Front-liners in 2020 She Can Campaign

NAIROBI, Kenya, May – Kenyan Doctor Nyachira Muthiga is set to be honoured for her exemplary work in the fight against Covid -19 in the country. She


Kenya’Insurance Industry premiums hit KES 237.9Bn in the last quarter of 2022

Kenyas Insurance industry premiums increased by 11.4 % to hit KES 237.90 billion in the third quarter of 2022 from KES 213.53 billion in Quarter 3, 2021.

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KQ Chairman Michael Joseph To host Nairobi Business Leaders on Business Success 

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 13 – The APA Apollo Group and Nairobi Business Forum have partnered to host Michael Joseph, Chairman, Kenya Airways and former


Nearly half of Kenyan teens will be ill prepared for the future – Maven Mentorship 

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 13 – Nearly half of Kenyan teens will be ill prepared for the future dampening the  growth of the country that has 12.1 million

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Africa Beyond Covid-19: Global Leaders Urge Governments and Private Sector to Collaborate

 Global leaders have called for African governments to collaborate with the private sector in order to save the economy post Covid-19 pandemic.


Base Titanium Invests KSh 80 million to enhance Kenya’s COVID-19 Response

Kwale, Mombasa, May 5, – Kwale based mining company Base Titanium has so far contributed KSh 80 million (USD 800,000) in various initiatives to

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Wylde International set up World First One Stop Entrepreneurs Centre

NAIROBI, Kenya, 27 Feb – Wylde International has invested Sh50 million in the first one stop entrepreneurs Centre in the world in Nairobi dubbed


PS Hinga launches affordable Samara Estate in Migaa

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 8 – The State Department for Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga flanked by senior government