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#CORONAVIRUS : How to maintain proper hand hygiene

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 5 – Poor hand hygiene can cause the spread of germs and cross-contamination through social interaction. It is therefore important to take precautionary measures against the spread germs to protect each other, especially now with the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Kim-Fay East Africa, a local manufacturer of personal care and corporate hygiene products, shares the following tips to maintain proper hand hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.

Proper Hand Washing tips:
⦁ Wet both hands and apply enough soap
⦁ Rub the palms together to create a lather
⦁ Rub the back of the hands to your wrists
⦁ Interlink your fingers and rub
⦁ Clean your thumbs
⦁ Cup your hands and rub
⦁ Rinse thoroughly with clean running water

Proper Hand Drying tips:
Wet hands are more prone to disease causing germs. It is important to Dry your hands thoroughly with a paper hand towel.

Raj Bains, Kim- Fay East Africa’s Managing Director, recommends the use of paper hand towels because their single-use nature makes it possible to reduce bacterial contamination. Germs are transferred onto the paper towel and into the bin when they are dispensed.
⦁ Paper hand towels reduce bacteria on the hands by 58%
⦁ Warm air dryers that increase bacteria by 255%
⦁ Jet air dryers increase bacteria by 45%
Data from a study carried out by the University of Westminister (Feb 2009)*

European Tissue Symposium emphasises the importance of proper hand drying techniques alongside to complete a hygienic hand washing process and minimise the spread of infection.

Their research found that bacterial contamination in the washroom was higher in washrooms using jet air dryers to dry hands. The more powerful the air flow, the greater the dispersion of germ around the space in the washroom.

Ensure that you take care of yourself and those around you through proper hand hygiene solutions.

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