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Suzie Wokabi, Mwangi, Nyabwala to headline Founders Breakfast February Edition

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 29 –  Suzie Wokabi, Naftali Mwangi and Kennedy Nyabwala will headline the February edition of The Founders Breakfast, a monthly event seeking to bring together, entrepreneurs to share their journey, challenges & successes in a bid to grow their businesses.

The platform is also used by entrepreneurs to interact and network.

The February Edition which is the second edition will be held on February 2nd 2019 at The Lord Erroll Runda with the theme Building a Lasting Brand.

The event is organized by Money Series Africa and Insideout Development.

Suzie Wokabi is the founder of SuzieBeauty Cosmetics, one of the first Kenyan makeup artists to start her own line of cosmetics including foundations, lipsticks, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, makeup brushes etc.

For the mother of two, the entrepreneurship journey was not easy as she could not find investors to help make her dream come true.

However, her big break came in 2012 when she found two Indian investment groups willing to give her funding as well as Chase Bank who offered her a significant amount of money.

With funding, SuzieBeauty Cosmetics was on its way to the top, quickly cementing itself as one of the top local beauty lines.

Ever since she registered the company, Wokabi juggled the roles of being the CEO, handling the PR and marketing as well as the creative aspect of the business.

Years later, the thriving business would then be sold to Flame Tree Group which took up ownership of the brand as well as the cosmetics line.

Naftali Mwangi is the Founder of Hyssop Properties a real estate company that has sold about 301 acres and issued 450 title deeds  in just two years of existence.

Mwangi is a former banker at Standard Chartered Bank, but he left the Bank to pursue his dream of owning a business.

“I had to leave my comfort zone to start a business, I realized I had done all I could at the Bank and needed new challenges, It has not been easy, I am grateful to God for many blessings, I can’t wait to share my journey at the Founders Breakfast on Saturday,” Mwangi told Money Series Africa.

The firm is the official sponsors of the February event.

Kennedy Nyabwala is the Chief Executive and Founder of Bwala Africa Group, a last mile logistics marketplace launched to solve challenges facing fleet owners on a daily basis.

It has recorded over 6000 + deliveries in Nairobi and has launched operations in Mombasa Kisumu and is launching in Uganda in February Next month.

“I have over 7 years working experience which cut across various sectors of the economy i.e. E-Commerce, Banking, Telecommunications, & Hospitality.  My Key areas of specialization are but not limited to; Analytical Sales Operations, Business Development, Research, Marketing, Huge Data Analytics, Data driven Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I am very passionate about the Global Consumer trends and purchase patterns especially by use of internet,” Nyabwala told Money Series Africa.

Come learn from these great minds on how to propel your business to the next level.

THEME : Building a Lasting Brand
VENUE : The Lord Erroll, Runda
DATES : Saturday, February 2nd 2019
TIME : 9AM to 11.30AM
TICKETS : Kshs 2000
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 1210671204

Kang'ethe Njoroge

Kang'ethe Njoroge is the Managing Editor of Money Series Africa. He is a seasoned communication strategist, with over five year experience in New Media and digital marketing. He is also the Co - Founder of Founders Breakfast Kenya and is currently a Business Development Director of TheCure Marketing Agency.

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