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Tuskys sets up a Sh30Mn online retail portal

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 17 – Retailer Tusker Mattresses, has registered its footprint on the cyberspace with the launch of a dedicated online store.

As part of its business development plans, Tusker Mattresses, which operates Tuskys Supermarkets and Mavazi Lifestyle clothing stores in Kenya and Uganda, has added an online store to be available on web portal.

According to Tusker Mattresses Group CEO, Dan Githua, the new online store developed at a cost of more than Sh30 million, comes on-stream as part of the firm’s commitment to enhance its business performance and customer experience through an E-commerce platform.

Powered by an Amazon Online retail engine, the new Tuskys Online store is hosted on a cloud based platform, by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will feature a total of 11 easy to navigate departments ranging from Furniture, electronics, crockery, Mavazi, Mobile Accessories and home appliances among others.

Loaded with a first of a kind in Kenya split payment feature, the Tuskys Online store, will provide prompt supplier payments thanks to an innovative feature from Direct Pay Online (DPO). The split payment feature allows for real time supplier accounts crediting suppliers when the customer checks out.

Alongside the existing army of more than 1,200 suppliers to Tuskys physical stores, the online portal will be undertaking a recruitment rally for more than 1000online suppliers; specifically targeting enterprising youth currently engaging in online sales ventures on social media platforms.

“The launch of a Tuskys Online store is part of our customer promise to continuously enhance their experience through a range of convenient retail platforms,” Githua said, adding that, “This platform, also allows us to expand mutual value for our suppliers who will now enjoy wider market reach.”

Hosted on a secure online platform, the Tuskys Online store, provides enhanced convenience, secure payment options and same day delivery services for orders made within Nairobi. For upcountry orders, plans are underway to establish a working partnership with courier firms including Posta Kenya for overnight delivery.

Unlike many other ecommerce platforms;  is the first platform globally that features an automated layby buying option for customers wishing to purchase items on easy instalments.

Dubbed the Tuskys Lipia Pole Pole Layby solution, the innovative payment option was introduced at Tuskys physical stores in September 2017 and is powered by Flexpay, a local FinTech start-up focusing on retail solutions.

Since its inception, Tuskys has enjoyed overwhelming success managing to post a more than Kshs 500million turnover from the Lipia Pole Pole service.

“By launching the E-commerce platform, Tuskys is looking forward to scale the layby business (Lipia Pole Pole) for online shoppers. Lipia Pole Pole allows Tuskys shoppers to reserve high value products and then pay conveniently in small instalments for up to 2months using mobile money options,” explained Githua.

Borrowing from Tusker Mattresses existing retail infrastructure, Tuskys online offer consumers an opportunity to buy what they can access in Tuskys physical locations, online. Customers will have an option to pick from various outlets spread across the country at no fee. We shall also have express delivery options for customers who require home delivery.

Kang'ethe Njoroge

Kang'ethe Njoroge is the Managing Editor of Money Series Africa. He is a seasoned communication strategist, with over five year experience in New Media and digital marketing. He is also the Co - Founder of Founders Breakfast Kenya and is currently a Business Development Director of TheCure Marketing Agency.

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